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Welcome to [community profile] fandom_blogging! This is a low-pressure and casual fandom community that posts different blogging prompts once a week, to help stir both discussion and personal reflection within a fandom context.

Here are our relatively simple and minimum guidelines:
  • Prompts will be posted every [Monday].
  • You respond to the prompt in your own journal - not in the comments of the [community profile] fandom_blogging prompt entry. Our prompts are to help you find something to write about, specifically fannish or about fandom.
  • You don't have to use Dreamwidth - for example, you can use LJ or Tumblr - but as this community started in response to LJ's ToSGate of April 2017, we do aim to help DW users to find a place to start with their blogging. Of course, this isn't a rule, just where this community itself is coming from. But feel free to promo and comment in our DW posts via OpenID.
  • You can make your entry response however long you want, skip a prompt if it doesn't appeal to you, or if you're new, backtrack on any existing prompts and write about those instead. Feel free to also include videos, pictures, your opinions (we hope), whatever. You can even write fic or poems or do a picspam or do concert report-type post or write a tutorial or WHATEVER, virtually anything, something creative - if it's your responding to our prompt in some way, it's encouraged. There are no rules or expectations as to how you respond - we aim to inspire, not anything else.
  • You may also feel free to revisit prompts that you may have answered before with different responses! We may also re-post old prompts in the future to start up that discussion again (consideration pending.)
  • We do encourage you to leave a link to your journal entry in the comments of our prompt posts, to share your thoughts and maybe make new friends. It's not required, but we do think it'll encourage the community element :) Even if you don't link to your post, though, you're obviously welcome to respond to our prompts as you see fit.
  • There is no signup system as this is ongoing and not necessarily a formal event. However, you can join/subscribe to the community if you want to keep track of our new prompts.
  • We have no requirements as to what type of journal you are - you can also post about personal stuff, you can use an RP journal, whatever. You can do whatever you want with your own journal; we're just interested if you're responding to our prompts.
  • We do request though, that if you leave a comment to our prompt post but your journal or entries are intended to be locked, that you keep your entry available to the public for at least 48 hours after commenting.

The purpose of this very post is vaguely friending-meme style; basically, a place for you to promote your journal and yourself, especially if you're participating. This is our informal way of making a list of participants - it's all voluntary (so leave a comment!) and you can also reply to each other and make friends here. It should go without saying to not start up wank or drama - just ease up, blog, and have fun!

So, leave a comment to promote your Dreamwidth, and see if anyone sounds interesting that you might want to subscribe to them right away :)

FORMAT FOR COMMENTS: (all fields are optional, so just answer whatever makes you comfortable)